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IDT focus on swine flu at ESPHM 2017 in Prague

The European Symposium of Porcine Health Management (ESPHM) is the world's largest scientific conference on pig health, which is held in different European cities every year. This year 1,562 veterinary swine specialists from different European and non-European countries met at this conference in Prague from the 3rd to the 5th of May 2017. 


Dr. Karien Koenders in PIG Business

Dr. Karien Koenders in PIG Business

Dr. Karien Koenders, Technical Service Manager der IDT Biologika Benelux, on the cover of PIG Business with an interview about reduction of antimicrobial use and the role of the veterinarian.

IDT Salmonella-price draw at Eurotier – win daily!

The winners of the IDT Biologika game at EuroTier 2016 have been published.


Wörlitzer Tierkolleg: Enteric Diseases of Suckling Piglets

From the 26th to the 27th of October, almost 50 veterinarians from seven different European countries met in the Eichenkranz of the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz to discuss enteric diseases in suckling piglets. The goal of the meeting was to hear about the situation in the different countries and to debate possible prevention strategies. 



IDT Tiergesundheit says farewell to Professor Hans-Joachim Selbitz as Head of IDT Research

On 24 September 2015, Professor Dr Hans-Joachim Selbitz was officially bid a ceremonious farewell after more than 20 years as Head of the research and development unit of IDT Biologika. The ceremony took place during a scientific symposium organised as part of the Wörlitz Tierkolleg (Animal Lectures) series of professional events.


20 years as research director at IDT

After more than 20 years in the post, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Selbitz stepped down this summer as research director of IDT Biologika Animal Health, handing over to Dr. Peter Schmid. In this interview Professor Selbitz talks about his time at IDT, his achievements and his plans for the future.


Hubertus Keimer new Head of IDT Biologika Animal Health

Hubertus Keimer succeeds Dr Gert Barysch as Head of IDT Biologika Animal Health as of July 1st 2015.

As Head of IDT Biologika Animal Health Hubertus Keimer is responsible for research and development, regulatory affairs, marketing and sales, and supply chain.
His key tasks are development and establishment of the international business. Apart from this he has to roll out current tasks that are required for future organizational processes to further expand the global business of IDT Animal Health.

With 18 years of experience in the animal health business, Hubertus Keimer was first employed by IDT Biologika as Head of Marketing and Sales in April 2012. In that role he was responsible for the establishment of the first subsidiaries of IDT Biologika Animal Health in Europe. In addition, the animal health business was positioned towards upcoming international requirements.

Dr Gert Barysch, CEO and Head of IDT Biologika Animal Health,retires after 37 years at IDT Biologika

“Through his [Dr Gert Barysch’] leadership a national Animal Health business grew to an international player in the recentyears. His unwavering commitment and success are reflected best by the following two numbers: In 1992, IDT Biologika employed 150 people. Today, IDT Biologika headquarters Dessau-Tornau and Riems count 1600 employees in total”, says Hubertus Keimer, his successor as Head of Animal Health. 


Visit IDT Biologika at FIGAN 2015 and discover our new offers

From March 17th until March 20th, 2015 FIGAN, an international livestock trade show, will equally attract farmers and veterinarians interested in the newest developments in swine production to Zaragoza, Spain.

IDT Biologika Animal Health invites you to visit the booth (D25) in hall 6 to not only discover new offers but also to learn about innovative and practical approaches to swine diseases that act as a limiting factor in modern swine production.

New offers include diagnostic services for neonatal diarrhea and Influenza. Additionally, tools for preventing these diseases will be introduced.

Take the opportunity to visit us at FIGAN hall 6 D25 to also learn more about the prevention and control of post-weaning colibacillosis, for which IDT Animal Health has been a valuable partner over the last year by providing innovative and practical solutions for a more sustainable and profitable swine production.

With 156.000 visitors all expectations were exceeded at the EuroTier 2014 in Hannover, Germany. IDT employees, at their exhibition stand in hall 15, were equally delighted by the active interest of farmers, veterinary surgeons and business partners alike - from all parts of the world. Particularly visitors from Greece, Spain and also some Asian countries such as Korea (to name just one) seemed highly interested in solutions for edema disease and swine influenza, where both illnesses appear to be a more immediate concern.


IDT Animal Health took part in EXPOVET, Ghent, Belgium

IDT Animal Health took part in the EXPOVET which was held from October 18th-19th, 2014, in Ghent, Belgium. Focus was put again on swine influenza and edema disease, diseases which are highly relevant to farmers across Europe and other countries. IDT Animal Health has developed effective vaccines against these diseases to aid in prevention.

Participating vets could either seek competent information about IDT Animal Health products at the 40 sqm booth or were informed about possible approaches to solve edema disease and swine influenza events within the lecture program.

In September and October of this year, two roadshows in Spain and one roadshow in Portugal took place. The topic of these roadshows was the same in every case: Escherichia coli. They were organized by Sergio Barrabes, the key account manager for Spain and Portugal.

It all began on the 30th of September in Lleida, a city in the north of Spain, right in the main hub of the Spanish pig production. First, Dr. Silke Wacheck, one of IDTs International Technical Service Managers, presented some background information on E. coli (classification and the different diseases caused by E. coli). Then Dr. Verena Gotter, also an International Technical Service Manager, gave a presentation on how to diagnose E. coli-infections and what can be done to control the different diseases. Afterwards, the attending veterinarians had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the content of the presentations. The meeting was concluded by a wonderful lunch consisting of local specialties, which together with the nice location of the meeting within the congress center of Lleida encouraged all attendees to stay and socialize with colleagues as well as the employees of IDT.