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Autogenous vaccines provide an individual solution where licensed commercial vaccines are not available.

Under Section 3 of the Tiergesundheitsgesetz (German Animal Health Act) and the Tierimpfstoff-Verordnung (German Veterinary Vaccines Regulation), veterinary vaccines may be used only if they have been licensed by the Paul Ehrlich Institute or Friedrich Loeffler Institute or their marketing has been authorised by legislative act of the European Union. There are three exceptions to this rule:

However, the production of autogenous vaccines vaccines requires a manufacturing licence.


German Animal Health Act (in German)

Link to German Animal Health Act and Veterinary Vaccines Regulation (in German)

Interview about the new German Animal Health Act with Mrs. Dr. Claudia Sigge of the BfT (in German, 06/2013)

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Autogenous vaccines contribute to animal health!

According to the German Veterinary Vaccines Regulation, 'autogenous vaccines' are inactivated vaccines which are manufactured using a disease agent isolated in a particular herd and are intended and permitted for use only in that herd. For the purposes of the Regulation, a 'herd' is an epidemiological unit. This means that a farm may include more than one herd, provided the flows of animals are clear and clearly documented.
However, autogenous vaccines may be used only if no licensed vaccines are available for the indication in question.

IDT Biologika Animal Health is an experienced, well-known manufacturer of commercial vaccines. All of its products, including the autogenous vaccines marketed under the autogenous vaccines brand, are of course manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to guarantee maximum quality, safety and reliability. Extensive research and development in animal health enables us to incorporate the latest scientific findings into our autogenous vaccines, thereby making a substantial contribution to animal health. In this way, IDT Biologika Animal Health guarantees that high-quality, herd-specific autogenous vaccines can be produced quickly and reliably to order.

Autogenous vaccines provide an individual solution where licensed commercial vaccines are not available or lack effectiveness due to the antigenic diversity of the agent. In certain farm situations, therefore, they represent a unique option for use in addition to commercial vaccines.

In principle, autogenous vaccines can be produced for any species of animal. To this end, the disease agents isolated from the herd are selected and cultured depending on their virulence factorcontent and/or immunogenicity traits. The period of use of a autogenous vaccine is limited by law to six months. However, depending on the success of vaccination in the problem herd, there is the option of repeat production of a autogenous vaccines on the basis of disease agents isolated from the herd. This is possible because agents are stored at -80°C under GMP-compliant conditions. However, the farm veterinarian should verify the agent composition of the vaccine by conducting regular herd monitoring.
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