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Minks & Ferrets make cute pets. But they are also susceptible to disease, so vaccination against distemper is a MUST.

Minks & Ferrets make lively, playful pets, which is why they are found in increasing numbers of households. This makes it all the more important to watch out for their health and to protect them against disease. Canine distemper virus poses a particular threat to ferrets, and may be life-threatening for unvaccinated animals. Regular vaccination is therefore essential. However, it is important to use a vaccine that is licensed for ferrets and has therefore been tested appropriately for efficacy. IDT Biologika Animal Health offers, the only canine distemper vaccine for ferrets that is licensed in Germany.

Group of ferrets

Growing vaccination fatigue on the part of owners is a problem, even though rising imports of unvaccinated dogs have significantly increased the risk of infection with canine distemper virus in recent years, for ferrets as well as dogs.

Other important diseases

Ferrets are especially susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Besides canine distemper, several other diseases such as rabies, botulism, haemorrhagic pneumonia, leptospirosis, Aleutian mink disease and infectious canine hepatitis (ICH) can affect ferrets.

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