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In the meantime, different courses of events with sometimes unspecific symptoms in influenza infection in pigs are known. But they all have one thing in common - they always cause financial losses. Vaccination with the only available trivalent vaccine from IDT Biologika has a positive impact on both the pig health and the operating results. The same applies to the vaccine against edema disease or that of certain E. coli produced Shigatoxin Stx2e.

Take advantage of the free and convenient opportunity to optimize the economic performance of your farm.

Calculate Online Individual Netprofit
Use our specially developed economic performance tool to find out how our products can impact your farm`s performance.

Find out which financial benefit you can gain from vaccinating.

Vaccination against
Influenza in pigs

Vaccination against
Shigatoxin in pigs

In order to be able to determine the financial benefit of a vaccine individually, simply and quickly for each company, IDT Biologika has developed the online calculator COIN - Calculate Online Individual Netprofit - for Influenza and Shigatoxin vaccination. For the cost-benefit analysis, only the operating data and the production and fertility parameters have to be entered into the online calculator. Using special formulas prepared by experts and correlating the various parameters, the financial benefit of the vaccine for operation is calculated and clearly visualized. The input is also simplified by the preset values, which then only have to be adjusted depending on the operation.

Take advantage of the opportunity to optimize your practice or your pig production economically! Use our specific viability calculators for vets and farmers to determine what proportion our products can have.

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