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Vaccines are vitally important for animal welfare, disease prevention and consumer protection.

Pigs are sensitive animals which place high demands on housing, hygiene and management. Intensive farming in particular often presents farmers and vets with major challenges in terms of keeping livestock healthy.

Vaccines play a crucial role in disease prevention . Thanks to an extensive range of vaccines, sows, piglets and fatteners can now be protected reliably against many major bacterial and viral diseases.

A herd of piglets is standing in the stable

IDT Biologika Animal Health offers a portfolio of pig vaccines to protect against the following diseases:

IDT Biologika Animal Health also produces autogenous vaccines. These inactivated vaccines are manufactured using a disease pathogen isolated from a particular herd and are used only in that herd.

IDT Biologika Animal Health views itself as a partner for vets and farmers in their mission of protecting and promoting the health of their livestock.