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Ferret diseases

Ferrets are generally robust and resistant and are rarely ill. However, there are a few very dangerous pathogens that can be fatal for unvaccinated animals.

Ferrets are very receptive to the distemper virus, which is why they MUST be vaccinated. However, other infectious diseases such as rabies, haemorrhagic pneumonia, leptospirosis and Aleutian disease are also common. Ferrets are also sensitive to the neurotoxic bacteria Clostridium botulinum (botulism), which animals may ingest through food that has spoiled.

Prophylactic vaccinations protect the animals. For ferrets vaccines against distemper and rabies are available.

ferret on meadow

When selecting the vaccines, please ensure that they are also licensed for the species in question. In the case of infectious diseases for which vaccines for ferrets are available, it is sometimes possible to reclassify vaccines for other species.

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