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Vaccine protection for rabbits

The spread of infectious diseases poses a serious risk to rabbits' life. Vaccines protect!

Preventive vaccines provide pet rabbits, breeding rabbits and fattening rabbits alike with reliable protection against infectious diseases such as:

However, effective protection can be achieved only if animals receive both the first immunisation and the necessary regular booster immunisations at the prescribed intervals.

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The immunological background to this is that the first vaccination is responsible for the development of a stable immunity to the immunogenic components administered. To maintain the resulting immunity, regular 'booster' or 'refresher' vaccinations are required. Depending on the vaccine, these are given once every six months or every year and provide the rabbit with reliable protection during the interval.

Due to the high potential for disease, the German Standing Committee on Veterinary Vaccination (StlKoVet), an independent committee of experts, recommends that all rabbits should be vaccinated against RHD and myxomatosis at all times, irrespective of whether they are pet rabbits or animals for breeding or fattening. A vaccine against rabbit rhinitis (Rhinitis contagiosa cuniculi) and a new enterocolitis vaccine are also available.

The latter two vaccines are used mainly on rabbit farms, where an increased risk of infection prevails due to the large numbers of animals and high turnover.

Full vaccination carried out at the right time protects rabbits effectively against these dangerous and often fatal infectious diseases.

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